Monday, May 11, 2009

bon bons

I've just fallen in love. A new store has opened up near me called lush. Have you heard of it? Its a line of all fresh,handmade cosmetics and they all look good enough to eat! Check out these two bath bombs. The first smells like jasmine and ylang ylang and the second is a cherry blossom creation. Plus,they are completely vegan! This place has so many great things, I was in the store forever. They even have the exact moisturizer specially created for princess Diana. Swanky huh?


  1. lol my girl fuckin LOVES that store, she spent like almost 2 hours in there. i had to talk her out of dropping like $100 on soap that looks like food. but i gotta admit that place is pretty rad- never knew it existd until she draggd me in there. everything smells fuckin awesome! she put one of these bath ball thingrs in my desk and everytime i open it it smells like fuckin longwood gardens.