Thursday, May 14, 2009

summer insperation

No matter how hard I try to work in lighter colors into my wardrobe, I always end up with the same blacks, grays and navys. But look at these summer 2009 pieces! I love how light and feminine they are. The first two are from Stella McCartney and the second two are from Chloe, two of my favorite designers. Aren't they beautiful?

I'm moving in with my sister on Sunday and it has me thinking about decorating.I love the look of these two rooms. They both have a very eclectic feel without being too much, don't you think?And i love the colors!

Monday, May 11, 2009

bon bons

I've just fallen in love. A new store has opened up near me called lush. Have you heard of it? Its a line of all fresh,handmade cosmetics and they all look good enough to eat! Check out these two bath bombs. The first smells like jasmine and ylang ylang and the second is a cherry blossom creation. Plus,they are completely vegan! This place has so many great things, I was in the store forever. They even have the exact moisturizer specially created for princess Diana. Swanky huh?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So, I thought for my first post I would just give a little sample of what i am all about.
I am a fine arts student at a small college in Delaware but plan to apply to fashion school soon.

At the moment, I'm living with my three best friends but in just a few days ill be moving to live with my older sister. I cant wait to be living in a new place and I cant wait to decorate!

Today was mothers day and it turned out to be a pretty great day.I went out to breakfast with my mom and sis and then went to the flea market, which i loooove. I found a few things but sadly, one of them was not the perfect turquoise ring I've been on the look out for for years. oh well. the search continues.

This is a picture of a painting i did for my final.Not sure it's even finished yet though. I've posed for my three photographer room mates numerous times so two of them happily posed with me for this. What do you think?